Low Noise Amplifier

Skylink Microwave

Low Noise Amplifier

LNA is an outstanding and mature product line of Skylink Microwave. We provide high performance low noise amplifiers in the industry, with reliable and rugged quality. Ultra low noise, ultra broadband and compact size are our specialty and enduring pursuit. Our engineers are committed to satisfying higher custom requirements of our customers and insist on designing optimized products to meet market challenges. Skylink Microwave provides you an extensive line of low noise amplifiers and the most economical choices.

Ultra Low Noise wideband Amplifier

[Frequencies 0.001GHz to 50GHz]

Temperature Compensated LNA

[Frequencies 0.001GHz to 50GHz]

Wideband Limiting Amplifiers

[Frequencies from 0.1GHz to 45 GHz]

Medium Power Amplifier

[+15dBm to +30dBm]

Waveguide LNA

[Frequencies from 6 GHz to 40GHz]